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What it's all about
Well, seeing as how this is a writing community -- that's right, you guessed it -- it's all about writing! Post any and all of your work here and get feedback from other members. No censoring yourself, no holding back, just let it flow!


The rules
[+]DO NOT STEAL ANYONES WORK!!! This would be the biggest no-no of all. If any of you hear about someone plagerizing work in this community, please contact the maintainer via her journal [falliing or via email [concretexangei@aol.com (be sure to put livejournal in the subject) ]. The culprit will immeadatley be banned from posting in this community.
[+] Never tell someone they are a bad writer. Offer only suggestions, and [positive] thoughts for improvment. Even if you don't agree with a topic someone has posted, keep opinions to yourself. Judge not the subject, not the autor, but the work itself.
[+]promote this community whenever you can :)