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Ok well.. I'm a newbie to this community...And first of all I'd like to say that my name is Ashley and I'm 16 years old... I've been writing since like 3rd grade... A poem here and there.. Nothing that significant... So um here goes...

No Sound...

She's feels like she's falling as she looks around
Catch her before she hits the ground
She doesn't want to feel this way
But its like she can't make it through the day
Sometimes the walls seem to be moving in
She can't find the strength in her to win
No matter what she does, she comes back to the knife
All she wants, is to end her life
She cries out for help but no one hears
So she's left alone with her fears
She's a hazard to herself, and doesnt know where to go
She feels like she's at the ultimate low
The things people did, can't be forgiven
She's lost the will for livin'
Help her up, for she's falling down
She's crying, but theres no sound...

Yea.. I know its pretty crappy... I wrote in the last five minutes of study hall one day..
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