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"its the saddest part of my day, leaving you..."

Understanding and love do not come from words they come from feelings. you dont have to say a word, all you have to do is breathe. It's something that comes without even trying without looking for it. It's something that just comes about when time stands still and there is nothing but the motionless life around you. A simple smile is all that can make everything alright. But even with love understanding doesn't always follow, it may be a few steps behind. But if you just wait and open your eyes, and look behind you, you can see that its coming. When the understanding catches up it takes you by the hand and with its soft touch you can feel everything start to turn into a picture. You see a single leaf shapped like a star that stands in front of your face. It no longer falls but it turns in a circle showing you that the world keeps turning. With understandingholding your hand and love in your heart that next step is taken on the softess ground and it doesn't even feel like your walking on the ground, it feels as if you're not walking at all. Your stepping on air, you hold yourself upon the blissful air and nothings holding you down. Along the way love will give you pain and your heart will feel cold or even slightly broken. And understanding may loose its grip and fall behind. But it is the pain that makes the pleasure so much better. You will walk again then you will float upon the air and smile into the sky. And the sky will carry you along with its wind. Thats how i look at love... even though i've never fallen in love. It is something I can see it in the eyes of those walking down the street or holding each other on the bridge. I can see the beauty that follows...
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