dark_souled (dark_souled) wrote in mind_expression,

Two more poems...


In a room, sitting in the dark
Her little friend is leaving its mark
On her wrists and on her hands
She is in search of new lands
Can't stay here, for theres too much pain
These thoughts are making her go insane
Her mind is racing and her skin is numb
If only she hadn't been so dumb
Just one quick stab would end it all
If only she could make that one call
Break the promise that she had made
To that boy who came to her aid
As she looks down from the sky
She sees those who made her life worse cry
And worst of all, that boy had yet to shed a tear
For she had done his one true fear
That boy is now dead on the inside
All because she commited suicide

Good Year....

Lost in a world i do not know
Never knowing which way to go
Everything in here is so new to me
But i feel as if i've been set free
Free to run rampid, free to run wild
Knowing that my likeness of you is more than just mild
Whenever i look into your eyes
I feel as if you're the only one who can hear my cries
No longer shedding those tears
From the pain suffered over the years
Without you, i wouldn't be here
But thanks to you, this is my first good year

I think its funny that I go from a sad topic to a happy one...But eh..
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