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My Script!

Max The Clown
Max: A little boy
Don: The pup
Mom: Max’s Mom
Dad: Max’s Dad

Scene 1
In a room covered in colors sits a boy and a dog.
Max: Well, it looks like it’s going to be a nice day today! (Pets the Dog on the head)

Max: Maybe we should go for a walk? C’mon lets go!
(Max gets up and walks out of the room and the dog follows him.)

He walks into the kitchen and sees his mom

Mom: What are you doing up already Max?

Max: The sun shining on my face woke me up, its such a beautiful day, I couldn’t stand being in bed any longer, besides I think Don would really like me to take him for a walk.

Mom: Well if you’re going to take Don for a walk you better put his leash on him this time.

Max: Don doesn’t need a leash Mom, he’s a great pup.

Mom: If you aren’t going to put him on a leash, don’t bother taking him for a walk at all.

Max: Okay fine. (Frowns)

Max walks out of the kitchen and Don follows him. He goes to the front door and grabs Don’s leash and puts it on him. They walk outside together.

Max: My! Oh is it nice out today, we should practice our act!

(Don looks up at Max)

Max: Let’s go down to the water and practice diving! No clown can dive like I can, that’s for sure.

Max and Don walk down to the water together, Max takes off Don’s leash, and Don run around happily. Max sits on the edge of the dock and dangles his feet in the water.

Max: Don, there are a lot of fish in the water. You should try to catch some… Don! Don!

Don runs out of the woods and over to Max with a big smile on his face.

Max: Don! Do you want to practice our dives now?

Don looks at Max

Max: You go first, Don!

Don wags his tail.

Max: Don! If you don’t practice our dives, how are we going to be good clowns? (Shakes his finger at Don.)

Back in the kitchen at Max and Don’s house is Max’s mom talking on the phone, to Max’s Aunt May.

Mom: You know I’m really worried about my little Max; he’s been acting very strange lately.

May: What do you mean strange?

Mom: Well, I barely see him anymore he’s always with that dog of his.

May: That’s not strange, a boy and a dog aught to spend time together, what do you think the dog is for anyway?

Mom: Oh I know, it’s just before we got Don, Max always wanted to spend time with me, and now he wants to be a clown…

May: A clown! What are you talking about?

Mom: Yes, a clown, as soon as him and Don started spending time together, its all-little Max will talk about. Clown this and Clown that, I don’t know what to do with him anymore. But I do know one thing; it’s all Don’s fault.

May: Why, you can’t blame a dog for something like that, I’m sure it’s just a phase, (hesitation) he’ll… grow out of it. Don’t worry.

Mom: I can’t help but worry; there is something strange about that dog. May, I can just feel it, and I’ll tell you this much, no son of mine is going to become a clown, I’ll put an end to it any way that I can, even if it means getting rid of Don.

May: Well, what are you going to do with Don?

Mom: Maybe… you could take him?

May: Me! I don’t want my son to turn into a clown too.

Mom hangs up the phone and starts to cry. The room goes dark.

Max and Don run all the way home, Max is laughing the entire way.

Max: Mom! Mom! Where are you I want to show you something!

Mom: What is it Max?

Max: I want to show you how good I am at diving, Don is too! Where the best divers around I’m sure of it.

Mom: I don’t want you diving any more, Max.

Max: What! Mom, I have to dive, it’s going to be a part of my act, and you know that!

Mom: A tear runs down her face. Max, I need to talk to you about this…. act of yours…. I really don’t feel as though it’s a good idea, for you t be spending so much time on it. I have a lot of work around the house for you.

Max: Well, all right Mom, Don and I will do it together.

Don: Ruff Ruff!

Mom gives Don an evil stare.

Mom: Max! Now Don isn’t going to help you. Don has to leave!

Max grabs Don and runs out of the house. Mom starts to cry.

Later into that evening Max’s dad comes home from work.

Dad: Why hello, how was your day?

Mom doesn’t say anything to Dad; she turns her head to just look away.

Dad: Where are little Maxy and that dog of his…. Don?

Mom: They’re…. Long pause there gone.

Dad: Oh, did they go down to the water, to practice diving?

Mom: Maybe, who could say?

Dad: What’s going on? Raising his voice, and becoming upset.

Mom: Well, see there was an argument…. Looks away and starts to cry.

Dad: Now stop this and tell me what is going on! Screaming and waving his arms.

Mom: Okay! Just take it easy, would you! Sit down, and I’ll tell you what happened.

Dad sits next to mom at the kitchen table

Mom: All right. Well I was talking to May earlier today, and she got me thinking.

Dad: Oh that May is nothing but trouble; didn’t I already tell you that I didn’t want you talking to that no good busy body?
Dad begins yelling again.

Mom: She’s my sister and I’ll talk to her whenever I want to! Do you want to hear what happened or not?
Begins yelling.

Dad: Yes! Tell me already!

Mom: All right so like I was saying, I was talking to May earlier today, and she got me thinking. Little Maxy was down at the water with that horrible dog of his. They were practicing for the “act.”

Dad: What act?
Quiet and concerned.

Dad: Well, I didn’t tell you about it before because I didn’t want to worry you, I thought that he would grow out of it… forget about it, but he didn’t. He wants to be a clown.

Dad: A what! No son of mine will ever be a clown!

Mom: I know I know! Take it easy.

Dad: Sorry

Mom: So this all started around the same time that his dog got here, I figured that if we got rid of him, Maxy would forget all about becoming one of those…

Dad: Good thinking, way to use your head.

Mom: Well… when I told Our Maxy about it, he lost it, he went crazy… grabbed that dog, and took off. He took off running.

Dad: Why didn’t you follow him?

Mom: I had a headache I had to sit down.

Dad: Oh I understand.

Door bell rings.

Dad: I’ll get it.
Runs to the front door.

At the front door is Don with a note tucked into his collar.

Dad: Come here It’s Don, and he’s got a note.

Mom runs to the front door.

He opens the note and reads it aloud.

Dad: Dear Mom and Dad, I went to eat hot dogs at the neighbors’, be home later.

Mom averts eye contact with the Dad.

Dad: You’re crazy.

The End
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